Inimitable Signet Rings in Sidcup, Kent

The Oxford Signet Ring Company proudly provides a variety of award-winning signet rings and engraved rings. Based in Sidcup, Kent, we offer an extensive range of rings in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum.

Our Range

A colossal selection of men’s and women’s hand-engraved signet rings are available. These rings could feature your family crest, coat of arms, and monograms. Many engraving options are available. This includes deep-set engraving, and reverse seal engraving with a quality wax impression.


We offer our signet rings in several sizes. Customers may choose the face size they desire based on their finger size and build. The result is a ring that will complement and enhance your look. Custom weights are also available upon request.


A wide range of face-types are available to choose from. This includes:

  • Classic Oxford Signet Ring
  • Classic Cushion Signet Ring
  • Henley Regatta Signet Ring
  • Oxford Bull Signet Ring
  • Classic Platinum Signet Ring
  • Classic Palladium Signet Ring
  • The Oxon (Men’s)
  • Monogram Hand Engraving
  • Family Crest Hand Engraving
  • Coat of Arms Hand Engraving
  • Seal-Engraved Family Crest or Coat of Arms
  • Attractive gold cufflinks are also available.

Bespoke Ring Engraving

Customers are welcome to provide their own artwork. With skill and precision, our goldsmiths will engrave your chosen art upon a signet ring. We tailor our bespoke engraving service to suit your needs to the letter.

Contact our goldsmiths today, in Sidcup, Kent, for more information about the engraved rings and signet rings our award-winning goldsmiths craft.